"Cityringen as a link"
Book on Cityringen,

the new metro stations in Copenhagen

The metro stations in Copenhagen are more than a sequence of stations. With the construction process of the cityring, a dialogue occurred between the built environment of the past and the present. The fabric of an altered city brought forward new urban images – architecturally as well as socially– and a city's transportation system received a new context. The old Copenhagen shines in the rays of the modern minimalist architecture that the new stations represent. The transparent glass lift shafts and reflective skylights dressed in stone interact with people. New street landscapes near the underground entrances bring to light new perspectives to the old squares of Copenhagen. 

To illustrate that view, seen by a careful observer with an eye for social and urban challenge, we propose an art book, that by means of pictures in ink and watercolor will present a renewed Copenhagen metro. In its English title “Cityringen as a link", the book will provide a story line to the artworks and give detailed annotations to all 17 new metro stations.

My motivation for the Cityringen project lies in the impulse to explore the urban rhythm that came with modern transportation in the city. As a native of St Petersburg, where the metro was founded in 1955 and forever altered the way people lived, I see the literary and visual research that goes along with a new link that connects a city's residents to places of historic significance. As an architectural illustrator, the contruction of the cityring brought forth an urge to draw, to reflect and to capture the becoming of the new cityring as it becomes part of the architecture of Copenhagen. That process is the material and purpose for “Cityringen as a link”.

The result of this exploration will produce an art publication, a narrative on Copenhagen metro and a book launch event.The publication launch will attract the interest of metro builders, architects, city planners, as well as Danish and foreign visitors to Copenhagen, and the book will provide a valued metro compendium to the urban planners and transport developers of future. The book is proposed to be written in Danish with an English translation.