30 April 2018.        a book about Copenhagen, Urban Visual. working title.   


once I visited this city on foot, and could not see enough of it. it was minus seven  degrees , snow  was on all roofs on that early morning in january.  I just flew into Denmark from the lush green fields of Yorkshire.

Three months later we moved to copenhagen permamently.  I bought myself a red bike, exactly the one drawn here, and  I started recording many of my city experiences in a small black diary-book. Suddenly it worked out brilliantly. the temperature of that hot summer 2010 was +20 and up to 38 degrees.

even though it was so drey, water colourpaintings started to take shape, and I started to like what I was doing, too.

         now eight years later  I am planning to publish a book, using the sketchbooks I created.

the book  will have illustrations in pencil, in watercolours and in pen and ink.

it will have drawings of the new City ringen metro stations, as well as sketches and small drawings of people.

this project started 5th of April 2018.  look out for a book copenhagen's Urban Visual in 2021!

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Privat undervisning i kulturale og sproglige aspekter.

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