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Art Lessons



The teaching classes timetable for 2018.


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ART Lessons and Tutorials Programme for year 2018.


12 sessions on Mondays 9.30 to 12.15 in Greve

September to December 2018


12 Sessions on Fridays 10.30 Høje Gladsaxe

Oct Nov Dec 2018


Two days masterclass at Greve,

6 & 7 October 2018


Two days masterclass at Greve,

10 & 11 November 2018


Thursdays 11.00 Rungsted Kyst LOF

Stationsvej 12, Rungsted


Jeg sender her billede af mig når jeg viser akvarelteknikker i løbet af to dage akvarelmaleri kursus i Birkerød i maj 2015.


Man kan se at jeg bruger ikke staffeli, men blot en plade som er på skråt, støttet ved brug af æske eller en masking tape under pladen.

Min undervisning programmet er baseret på at male på papir som er lagt på en plade, på skrå.


My approach is an internationally approved water colour technique, for water colour combining wet and wet+in+wet and sharp dry aquarelle techniques.



This is an artistic impression of Maya E. Korlas-Martin

by her very good 12 year old drawing pupil

Amalie Quick.

Shehas done the drawing and has painted it last January on a misty day in some 25 minutes, after the pupil and the teacher have been talking in some detail about the value of portrature...


By Amalie Quick , watercolor on paper, 2017.




I think I am an illustrator and not a writer or a blogger.

However I have inserted some short stories about things on the GALLERY section of the website. It is placed at the bottom of the page. Just to keep count of what is going on.

I hope, that it gives some explanations for visitors and provides further inspiration for viewers. Maybe you would like to read it. Go to Gallery, and scroll page down to reach the BLOG. Mobile +45 2569 7577


25 69 75 77


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